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Uptime (arm) 2.02-3Shows how long system has been running


EditFLAC (any) 1-1Provides basic editing of FLAC/WAVE music files.
EditMP3 (any) 1-1Provides basic editing of MP3 files before conversion to WAV.
Fanfare+ (any) 1-1Plays a sound module + change pitch, volume + SOUND command.
ID3TagEd 0.52-1Create and edit MP3 ID3 v1 and v2 tags
MultiAudio (any) 1-1Provides 7 options for batch conversion of audio files.
MultiMP3 (any) 1-1This converts a group of MP3 files to WAV format.
ProSound 2.01-1Audio processor
RipAudio (any) 2-1Rips tracks off CD and converts to CD-raw, WAV, FLAC or MP3.
Shine+ (any) 1-1Front end for !Shine - which converts WAV audio files to MP3.
StudioLib 1.01-1Drum samples for StudioSound
StudioSnd 2.09-1Sample sequencer
Vol (any) 1-1A simple sound volume control for various music players


SQLite (arm) 3.40.1-1SQL database engine


BackPics+ (any) 1-1Displays and controls screen backdrops.
Bas-Help+ (any) 1-1Gives Help on BASIC keywords.
Cat 0.30-1Graphical file display
CD_Drawer (any) 1-1Choose active CD drive + open/close CD drawer + ! Volume app.
Clipper (any) 0.32-1Access the contents of the Global Clipboard
DeskFont (any) 1-1Easy testing of alternative Desk-Top fonts.
Dozer (any) 3-5This provides a selection of screen-savers.
Float (any) 1.01-1An alternative Interactive Help client
GetFiler (any) 1.03-1GetFiler can save the positions of open directory viewers for reuse
IcnClpBrd (arm) 0.20-1IcnClipBrd brings the global clipboard to writable icons on the desktop
Launcher (arm) 1.20-1Yet Another RISC OS Application Launcher
PCKeys (arm) 2.12-1Select Acorn- or PC-usage of the Delete key
PhotoFiler (arm) 2.10-2Picture thumbnailing extension for the Filer
ShowTime+ (any) 2-1Display and maniplate pictures of various filetypes.
Snapper (arm) 1.34-1A versatile screen capture utility
ToggleBD 1.09-1Easy access to items pinned to the backdrop.
Toolbar (arm) 1.23-1Pull-down application launcher
Transient 2.09-1Provides temporary storage for your day to day files.
WinScroll (arm) 0.52-1Pan around any window on the desktop


DisAssem 3.27-3ARM Disassembler
Python-38 (any) 3.8.8-1The Python Programming Language (Version 3.8)
Python-38-pip (any) 20.0.2-4pip package for Python 3.8
Python-38-pygame (any) 1.9.6-3pygame package for Python 3.8
Python-Core (any) 0.0.2-1Python Core Package
TBX-Examples (arm) 0.7.6-1Example programs for the TBX C++ library.
WinEd (arm) 3.26-1Comprehensive Template Editor
Zmac (any) 1.05-1Z80 macro cross-assembler


GPIO 0.50Control GPIO pins
GPIOConfig 0.51-1Setup GPIO pins
GPIOSource 0.50Source to the GPIO module


DiscImage (any) 1.03-1Create, convert and write images of floppy discs
SyncDiscs (arm) 1.29-1File or disc backup application


Fireworkz (arm) 2.32.2Word Processor & Spreadsheet
Fireworkz-Examples (any) 20210910Example files for Fireworkz
PipeDream (arm) 4.62.2Spreadsheet & Word Processor
PipeDream-123PD (arm) 1.16Lotus 1-2-3 to PipeDream converter
PipeDream-Examples (any) 20200321Example & Tutorial files for PipeDream
PipeDream-PD123 (arm) 1.16PipeDream to Lotus 1-2-3 converter


TinctDocs (any) 0.14-1Tinct manual and license


Energy (arm) 2.02-1Demonstration of gas-phase molecular translational and rotational energies
pH (arm) 0.13-1Calculate and display pH curves
WaveFunc 1.11-3Wave function plotter for diatomic harmonic oscillator


CloseOpen (any) 1-1Presents a list of open files, with the optionof closing one or more.
Closer 1.01-1Close open files
DirSync 1.16-0Compare and synchronise directories
DSDiff 1.02-0Plugin for DirSync to compare different filetypes
ListDir+ (any) 1-1Provides many options for the catalogue info of files in a directory.
Locate (arm) 2.12-1Locate is a flexible, multitasking file search utility


FontAdd (any) 1-1Easily install (or remove) and display Font families.
FontMenu (any) 1-2Displays a small text selection of any installed font.
ShowFont (any) 1-1Displays a text example of ALL the installed fonts.


CountDown 0.24-1The popular numbers game
Crosses (any) 1.12-1Noughts and Crosses on the Desktop
Decode (any) 1.02-1Guess codes chosen by the computer
Hangman (any) 1.12-1Guess words chosen by the computer
MagicMush (any) 1.13-2Platform game where you collect mushrooms
Master (any) 1.01-1Guess codes chosen by the computer
Mitosis 1.0-1Attax-Style game: Divide and infect!
Pairs (any) 0.37-1Memorise cards against the computer
Pegs (any) 1.02-1Play Peg Solitaire on the Desktop
Seasonal (arm) 1.02-2Calculates Mah-Jong scores
Solitaire (any) 1.01-1Play Peg Solitaire on the Desktop
SudoTutor 0.01-1The popular numbers game
Voyager (any) 1-1A simple space journey to collect planet data.


Artist (any) 1-1A painting program with lots of tools and options.
ChartDraw 3.53-1Produce bar charts, line graphs and pie charts
Cogs (any) 2.00-4Draw spirograph patterns
ConvImgs (arm) 1.12-2Batch conversion of various image types
Doodle (any) 2-1A simple doodling program with two drawing modes and a choice of brush widths.
DPlngScan (arm) 1.33-1Scanning and bitmap image manipulation
DrawToSprite (any) 1.05-1Convert a Draw file to Sprite, GIF or BMP
GraphDraw 3.03-1Produce line graphs from x,y data, with line and curve fitting
JpegOpt+ (any) 1-1Optimizes JPEG files - to save some disc space
Lissajou3D (any) 3-1Dynamic display of various 3D spherical Lissajou curves.
MakeDraw 2.70-2A utility to draw precise draw files from BASIC
Mask (any) 2-3Cut-out any desired shape from a picture and paste elsewhere.
MiniPics+ (any) 1-1Creates a set of miniatures of various types of graphics file.
Mosaic (any) 2-0Creates a 'mosaic' of a sprite picture, with a choice of 6 grades.
MultiPlot 3.02-1MultiPlot allows the plotting of a number of graphs on the same set of axes.
Portrait (any) 2-2Use various 'brushes' to change a photo into a 'painting'.
PrivateEye (arm) 3.20-6Multi-format image viewer and editor
SprEdit (any) 2-2SprEdit provides basic editing/manipulation of a Sprite file.
SpriteClean (any) 1.04-1Crop sprites and clean blemishes from scanned images
Surface 2.00-1Display surface style plots of z=f(x,y)
SurfaceData 1.00-1Data for display in !Surface
Tapestry (any) 2-0Generate a 'Tapestry' from a sprite - can use 6 different stitches.
Text>Draw 1.33-1Easy entry of text objects into Draw
TranJpeg (arm) 1.36-1Rotate/transform JPEG images
Zeta+ (any) 1-2Creates 'pretty wild' graphics. Saves and displays as 'Squash' files.


Tabs-Dev 0.12Developer files for Toolbox gadget to provide Tabs on a Window


Fireworkz-Manuals (any) 20221107Fireworkz Getting Started Guide and User Guide
GPIOManual 0.50Manual for the GPIO Module
PipeDream-Manuals (any) 20221023PipeDream Getting Started Guide and Reference Guide
TaskRunner-Doc (any) 0.15-1TaskRunner Documentation


2D-Plot (any) 1-1-1A general 2-dimensional graph plotter of mayhs functions.
3D-Plot (any) 1-1A 3D graph plotter - of Cartesian, Cylindrical and Spherical maths functions.
Contours (any) 1-1Generates a contour map of a 3D mathematical surface.
Primes+ (any) 2-1Displays prime numbers - four different options and fast.
Stats+ (any) 1-1Tables, displays and demos of Statistical distributions and concepts.


CPUClock (arm) 2.09-2Monitor cpu clock speed and temperature


Basic (any) 1-1A front-end for BASIC + useful tools and utilities.
DissMem (any) 1-1This gives a 'memory-dump' and a 'disassembly' of a file.
DynaKill (any) 1-1Gives a list of Dynamic Areas - with the option of killing one or more.
EditWin (any) 1-1Displays the text output of a BASIC or OBEY file. Examples provided.
Enigma (any) 2-1This encrypts and decodes single files (or a group of files).
Floating (arm32) 4.02-1A floating desktop clock
SpritePools (any) 1-1Displays the ROM and RAM sprite pools + the ToolSprites pool.
TaskKill+ (any) 1-1Lists all current Tasks, with the option of killing one or more.
TextBasic (any) 1-1Enables swapping between BASIC and TEXT input / output.
UnitConv 2.37-1Easy conversion of values into different units
Unpack (any) 2-1This will unpack a compacted/crunched BASIC file. Lots of options.
Zipp (any) 1-3Zip / UnZip any File / App / Dir - and easy to use .


FX80Emul (any) 1.02-1Epson 9-pin dot-matrix printer emulator
PrintPDF (arm) 1.13-1PrintPDF allows PDF documents to be created easily
PS2Paper (arm) 0.11-1Control paper sizes when using the Level 2 PostScript printer drivers


CashBook (arm) 1.44-1Personal Accounts Software


Date 0.11-1Module to add a dater picker for the Toolbox
DateTest 0.01-1Test Program for the Date module
Tabs 0.12Toolbox gadget to provide Tabs on a Window
TaskRunner (any) 0.15-1TaskRunner Module
TextShow+ (any) 1-1Displays Text in a font and fontsize chosen by the user.
Tinct (arm) 0.14-1High-speed alpha-blended sprite renderer
TreeView 0.22Toolbox gadget to provide a tree style display
TreeView-Dev 0.22Toolbox gadget to provide a tree style display


Format+ (any) 1-1Provides basic text formatting + text utilities.


StrongHelp 2.90-1A simple hypertext program for reading and designing on-screen manuals