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Uptime 1.00-1Shows how long system has been running


ID3TagEd 0.52-1Create and edit MP3 ID3 v1 and v2 tags
ProSound 2.01-1Audio processor
StudioLib 1.01-1Drum samples for StudioSound
StudioSnd 2.09-1Sample sequencer


Cat 0.24-1Graphical file display
Snapper 1.31-1A versatile screen capture utility
ToggleBD 1.08-1Easy access to items pinned to the backdrop.
Transient 2.07-1Provides temporary storage for your day to day files.


DisAssem 3.27-3ARM Disassembler


GPIO 0.50Control GPIO pins
GPIOConfig 0.51-1Setup GPIO pins
GPIOSource 0.50Source to the GPIO module


SyncDiscs 1.28-2File or disc backup application


Fireworkz 2.21.0Word Processor & Spreadsheet
Fireworkz-Examples 20151007Example files and tutorials for Fireworkz
PipeDream 4.55.4Word Processor & Spreadsheet
PipeDream-123PD 1.12.0Lotus 1-2-3 to PipeDream converter
PipeDream-Examples 20160728Example & Tutorial files for PipeDream
PipeDream-PD123 1.12.0PipeDream to Lotus 1-2-3 converter


WaveFunc 1.11-3Wave function plotter for diatomic harmonic oscillator
pH 0.11-1Calculate and display pH curves


Closer 1.01-1Close open files
DSDiff 1.02-0Plugin for DirSync to compare different filetypes
DirSync 1.15-0Compare and synchronise directories


CountDown 0.22-1The popular numbers game
Seasonal 1.02-1Calculates Mah-Jong scores
SudoTutor 0.01-1The popular numbers game


ChartDraw 3.52-1Produce bar charts, line graphs and pie charts
ConvImgs 1.11-1Batch conversion of various image types
DPlngScan 1.28-1Scanning and bitmap image manipulation
GraphDraw 3.02-1Produce line graphs from x,y data, with line and curve fitting
MakeDraw 2.53-2A utility to draw precise draw files from BASIC
Surface 2.00-1Display surface style plots of z=f(x,y)
SurfaceData 1.00-1Data for display in !Surface
Text>Draw 1.32-1Easy entry of text objects into Draw
TranJpeg 1.33-1Rotate/transform JPEG images


Tabs-Dev 0.12Developer files for Toolbox gadget to provide Tabs on a Window


Fireworkz-Manuals 20161025Fireworkz Getting Started Guide and User Guide
GPIOManual 0.50Manual for the GPIO Module
PipeDream-Manuals 20160818PipeDream Tutorial and Reference Guide


CPUClock 2.02-1Monitor cpu clock speed and temperature
UnitConv 2.36-1Easy conversion of values into different units


Date 0.11-1Module to add a dater picker for the Toolbox
DateTest 0.01-1Test Program for the Date module
Tabs 0.12Toolbox gadget to provide Tabs on a Window
TreeView 0.22Toolbox gadget to provide a tree style display
TreeView-Dev 0.22Toolbox gadget to provide a tree style display


StrongHelp 2.90-1A simple hypertext program for reading and designing on-screen manuals